Your mom's gonna buy you slippers.

Your mom's gonna buy you slippers.

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We were able to wake up earlier today. Apparently, we felt a little better with the impact of the break day. Our first thing was to check my foot. Everything was fine.

My mother, who managed to get enough gas to shake our eggs by rolling our tube, didn't let me play with the empty box. My whining didn't do any good, my security is always in the forefront.

While I was spooning my honey and cream cheese as I am used to, my father, who had found boiling water from our helpful camp neighbors, brewed tea and surprised my mother.

It's time to replace my toothbrush. I unpacked the new brush in excitement. My mother, who wanted to make this situation more enjoyable for me, didn't forget to make a gift package. After breakfast, I brushed my teeth with my favorite strawberry paste.

It started to rain looking at the sky that looks like it will rain. When it was not raining, I was able to get off my trailer during the breaks. I played games with a very nice dog on one of these breaks. He even licked my face and I kept imitating it until evening.

One of the ladybugs that my mother always said to rhyme and who could not fly to buy slippers shoes came to visit me today in my glazed mansion. (Trailer)
We played with him for a while, my mother again, saying the same nursery rush to the sky. Ours especially allow me to play with everything that is sober - bugs. "Very few things in nature are more dangerous than at home," my father says. My folks are trying to make my first steps to live in peace with nature by letting me put leaves and cones, tree bark, animal feathers and insects and snails we found on the way in my examination box.

Of course, you listen to the head of the story. Wasn't my father the first person in my infancy to distribute masks to everyone, including the tuber entering our house door, who didn't treat me to anyone without washing their hands with disinfectant as a first job, and even kissing himself a few times during the first month?

Like all parents, they lived in the same mood, excitement, hesitation and joy. Like thousands of new babies live every day.

The arrangement of signs on a high pole that we saw as we were passing by a house in Alminya today told us that another family was in a sweet baby rush. Ours make so many meanings off the sign. hihi
Looks like Marion and Micki will have a baby soon. My father interpreted the sea anchor on the side by Marion and the flower figure on the side by Micki as the profession of the mother and father.
It doesn't matter whether boys or girls, we hope the storks will soon bring a healthy baby like the nur ball to this house.

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July 24, 2011

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