Grandmother and grandfather factor in child care

Grandmother and grandfather factor in child care

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Let's look at the areas of conflict between parents and grandparents.
Authority problem
One of the problems that your child will experience complexity in itself is authority. Who has authority? Should I do what my grandparents say or my parents? The most common situations are:
• Grandparents have full authority over the child • Parents and grandparents clash with grandparents, thinking that they are the sole authority. If the child is staying at home, the parents 'authority is at the grandmother's house while the grandparents' authority belongs to the child. Both his parents and grandparents act according to his wishes.
At least one of them is one of the situations that we live in or see around us. But all this is wrong. What is right is the creation and implementation of common rules that the two parties will accept.

Difference between generations
Problems caused by differences between generations are at every point of our lives. You want to educate your child with today's technology recommended by your doctor. Grandparents want to educate their grandchildren with what they see and live in their generation. When you protest, you get the answer,. I raised you like this..
Negative thoughts
One of the most common conflicts is the negative information that grandparents convey about the parents. Grandparents infuse their thoughts about parents to children. This causes the child to react to his parents. E.g; Your mother's a loser, your father doesn't seem to suit my daughter.

Little prince and princess of the houseGrandparents often pamper their grandchildren. He tries to make the parents happy by taking what they have restricted to see their grandchildren screaming for joy. This way, your child can reach everything he wants easily and quickly. He is raised as the little prince or princess of the house. The child's misconduct is tolerated. He's trying to do the same to his parents.
Emotional blackmails
The imbalances between the rules set by parents and the rules set by grandparents can lead to emotional blackmail of children. From time to time your children say, un You don't love me as much as my grandmother. ”Or orum I love my grandfather more; because he doesn't get mad at me at all.. The important point here is that the parents compete with their parents with the concern of being loved by their children.

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