Cure Seizures Remedy: Acupuncture

Cure Seizures Remedy: Acupuncture

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When our little babies, who we even hide from our eyes, are born, we want to put them in our cocoons like a spider to protect them from everything and everyone. In some babies, gas pains (colic), or cry bouts, are particularly unbearable for mothers. Crying that lasts for minutes, sometimes even hours, takes the life of the mother. Medical Park Health Group Goztepe Hospital Complex Cancer Hospital Complementary Medicine Specialist Dr. Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak, 3 weeks and 3-month babies by treating acupuntur, crying bouts, he said. Medical Park Health Group, Goztepe Hospital Complex Cancer Hospital Complementary Medicine Specialist Dr. Yusuf Ozgur Cakmak, answered our questions about colic:

What is infantile colic?
Gas pain in infants, crying seizures or infantile colic, as it is scientifically known, is defined as crying that lasts at least 3 hours a day for 3 weeks to 3 months. Although the cause is unknown, abnormal bowel movements and melatonin hormone imbalances that allow the detection of day and night cycles are considered as possible causes.

How do they affect the family?

Colic can also cause great harm to relationships between parents and other family members. Continued crying of the baby may cause stress, depression and unhappiness on parents by feeling that they cannot provide the baby with enough. If crying intensifies at night, sleep disorders and divided sleep can be added to these problems to create exhaustion and burnout. Continuous crying for families living in the apartment can even damage neighborly relations.

Are the drugs used effective?

The treatments used for colic treatment are often ineffective. Although the most commonly used drugs are those containing simeticon and dicyclomine, recent scientific research on simeticon reveals that it is not useful. Dicyclomine has a spectrum of side effects ranging from apnea, syncope, seizure, coma and death, and is not recommended for use 6 months earlier.

Is acupuncture more effective than medication?

Acupuncture for colic pain has been done in the world for a long time. In 2008, research by the Karolinska Institute and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden proved that acupuncture applications are effective in infantile colic. Research on 40 infants reported that the severity, duration and frequency of crying were significantly reduced in the acupuncture group compared with Simeticon.

How is it applied to infants?

We apply the same method to babies who come with the complaint of colic in MedicalPark Göztepe. With Japanese acupuncture applications that last for 20 seconds with only 2 needles and performed 3 times a week, we get results in a short time in babies. Families are extremely satisfied. I think that acupuncture is the best answer to environments that think it is placebo or psychologically effective, as scientifically demonstrated to be effective in infants and animals.

Is there a connection between mother's feeding and colic of the baby?

Research has shown that it is beneficial to remove wheat, eggs, dairy products and nuts from the diets of nursing mothers.

Is colic dangerous? Do long cry bouts are life-threatening for the baby?

Colic babies can be a problem that they face when there are no organic problems, but can also be a harbinger of serious problems. Brain problems, meningitis, cow's inability to digest milk, middle ear problems, and even urinary tract infections can be the cause of colic in 5 percent. Therefore, a serious examination of colic babies should first be eliminated.

Why is it only seen in some babies?

Although the exact cause of colic is not known, examinations during crying in infants with colic revealed normal bowel gases. Investigations into the cause of colic show that the problem is more intestinal movements than gas. 20-second acupuncture applications in the target nerves that affect bowel movement. However, the gradual disappearance of colic around 3 to 4 months led to the idea that melatonin, which is sitting in the same period, was also effective in the mechanisms, which were shown to be balanced by acupuncture at night.

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