Birth control methods

Birth control methods

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Today, there are many modern methods of birth control. Yeditepe University Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Describes the latest developments in birth control methods.

: What are the latest developments in birth control methods?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Today, birth control pills containing low-dose estrogen are now being used. The progesterones they contain are low dose and new generation. The progesterone-containing sticks placed in the arm protect the woman for 3 years with 100% effective protection. It is another alternative that is started to be used in hormone-containing vaginal rings.

: Do birth control pills have any positive effects other than prevention?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:
Positive effects can be listed as follows:
• Regulates the quantities
• Provides painless menstruation
• Minimizes blood loss by reducing the amount of bleeding in the pieces. Prevents anemia.
• Prevents ovarian cyst formation

: What are the side effects of birth control pills?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Gallbladder may increase stone formation. It may increase clotting and may lead to infection of the veins. Smoking is not recommended for smokers over 35 years of age.

: Is it correct to use pills to protect after birth? What method should women who have just given birth prefer?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Estrogen-containing pills are not used in nursing mothers, or only progesterone-containing pills or spirals may be recommended. It is a good alternative to rods attached to the arm after birth.

: Can you give us information about intrauterine devices?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Intrauterine devices may contain silver / copper or are hormone-containing progesterone. The duration of use is 3-5 years and the risk of pregnancy is around 1%. It is applied in the last days of menstruation. Antibiotics may be given during application to prevent infection from below. Menstrual bleeding may increase and pain in 1-2 menstrual periods. Mostly these complaints will go away in 2 -3 months. A 6-month check is absolutely recommended.

: Can you give us information about monthly and quarterly needles?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Needles containing progesterone may be recommended for breastfeeding or non-daily pills. Bleeding in the form of menstruation or menstrual irregularity or intermediate spotting may occur; then menstrual irregularities should be warned.

: What are the methods that prevent permanent pregnancy? Is there any way of returning these methods if requested?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: The ligation of the tubes can be done during cesarean section or by laparoscopy. The probability of return varies according to the chosen technique, but operation is required for return.

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