Enjoy the rain with your child

Enjoy the rain with your child

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Cold and rainy weather is approaching as the temperature drops. Most of us don't like this kind of weather and say that it affects us psychologically negatively. Many studies have shown that what is said is true and that there are various changes in the mood of people in rainy weather. However, the fact that we know this fact does not necessarily mean that we should be unhappy on rainy days.

You can make rainy days fun for your child and yourself, and you can spend as many creative and useful days as possible for your child with various activities. Here are the “rainy day” activities that we have compiled for you.

You can do indoor activities in rainy weather:

? You can play dress up game with your child. Find clothes and accessories you don't use at home, and organize fashion shows with these items, according to the dress up game. This game not only likes children but also makes them creative when designing clothes.

? On rainy days you can let your child paint about the rain. Use drops of eye drops to make drops, fill the bottle with colorful water and let your child use it when painting. This activity will support your child's creativity and improve hand coordination when using the bottle.

? Find various instrumental / classical music and play a rain dance game with your child. According to this game, dance with your child to represent the movement of raindrops, such games are often used for children to express themselves and their feelings.

? In rainy weather, children cannot spend their energy much, design games where they can spend their energy in the house to use their energy savings correctly. Put a large box on a large part of the house and ask your child to throw the balls of various sizes in this box. The thing to watch out for during this activity is that there are no items to break in the box. With the help of this activity, your child will be able to discharge energy and improve eye-arm coordination.

? Read books about rain with your child and try to observe the various information you learn from the books. Your child, who is both learning and observing, will remember this activity for a long time.

Outdoor activities in rainy weather:

? Buy your child rain boots and enjoy wandering out in rainy weather, walk along the street and sing with him, and help your child experience this pleasure.

? Find a box with your child and let the rain fill in this box, then calculate the amount of water in the box and record how long it has filled. As a result of these studies, tell your child that this kind of work is done by meteorologists and explain to him what purpose your work is doing. This activity will attract your child's interest and will want to share your calculations with the people around you. If you continue to do this activity at different times, your child will understand more easily what these calculations mean and will see that the results of the calculations change at different times of precipitation.

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